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The chest X Ray (CXR) appearance of SARS can vary quite significantly from patient to patient. There is no pathognomonic appearance of SARS but the common thread is that the CXR appears abnormal, usually with patchy infiltrates in any part of the lungs. Patients may initially present with a clear CXR but develop signs of SARS later..

He offered an argument which, if successful, not only justifies Catholic politicians in supporting legal abortion and embryo destructive research, but requires them to respect a right of people to engage in these practices despite their admitted moral wrongfulness.Cuomo asserted that holders of public office including Catholic office holders have a responsibility create conditions under which all citizens are reasonably free to act according to their own religious beliefs, even when those acts conflict with Roman Catholic dogma regarding divorce, birth control, abortion, stem cell research, and even the existence of God.According to Cuomo, Catholics should support legalized abortion and embryo destructive research, as he himself does, because in guaranteeing these rights to others, they guarantee their own right reject abortions, and to refuse to participate in or contribute to removing stem cells from embryos.But Cuomo idea that the right reject abortion and embryo destructive experimentation entails a right of others, as a matter of religious liberty, to engage in these practices is simply, if spectacularly, fallacious. The fallacy comes into focus immediately if one considers whether the right of a Catholic (or Baptist, or Jew, or member of any other faith) to reject infanticide, slavery, and the exploitation of labor entails a right of others who happen not to share these convictions to kill, enslave, and exploit.By the expedient of classifying pro life convictions about abortion and embryo destructive experimentation as Catholic dogmas, Cuomo smuggles into the premises of his argument the controversial conclusion he is trying to prove. If pro life principles were indeed merely dogmatic teachings such as the teaching that Jesus of Nazareth is the only begotten Son of God then according to the Church herself (not to mention American constitutional law and the law of many other republics) they could not legitimately be enforced by the coercive power of the state.The trouble for Cuomo is that pro life principles are not mere matters of nor are they understood as such by the Catholic Church, whose beliefs Cuomo claims to affirm, or by pro life citizens, whether they happen to be Catholics, Protestants, Jews, Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists, agnostics or atheists..

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